استودیوماه به صورت تخصصی به موضوعات معماری، معماری داخلی و طراحی و ساخت مبلمان ر،آبجکت های دکوراتیوولایتینگ می‌پردازد.ما به دنبال خلق ودرمان فضاهای زیستی هستیم.

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Mehsa Mohammadkhani

Architect, Interior designer, Researcher

  • -Architecture PhD student
  • -Master’s Degree: Interior Architecture
  • -Bachelor of Architecture

I started my professional activity in 2018 in architecture offices by participating in the design and implementation of numerous projects, until in 2021 I continued my activity independently under the name of mahstudio. I also do research and academic activities.(since 2020)